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    Overview: Prodigious student Li Ji at the Department of Architecture has his life abruptly turned upside down when he is abducted by Dark Kirin, an extraterrestrial entity. Li Ji is taken to an enigmatic place known as Po Nian Space, where she finds the ruins of an old heaven. He is faced with an enormous task in this mysterious world: in order to get back to his home, he needs to pass the test of heaven. The examination? Construct the ancient, fallen heaven again from its wreckage. Li Ji sets out on an incredible trip, armed with his architectural brilliance and motivated by a burning ambition to return to his world. He comes across strange animals, unearths mysteries, and struggles with the enormous undertaking of repairing Po Nian Space as he makes his way across its perilous regions. He comes across alien species, unearths mysteries, and struggles to complete the enormous undertaking of rebuilding a heavenly paradise as he makes his way through the perilous terrain of Po Nian Space. The epic story "Brick of Heaven" celebrates human inventiveness, innovation, and resiliency. Come along with Li Ji as he rebuilds heaven one brick at a time by transforming his architectural talents into a force of cosmic proportions.


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