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    Battle Through the Heavens Season 5

    Introduction: Battle Through the Heavens is one of China's most popular anime series. Xiao Yan swept through the Yunlan Sect and successfully avenged himself, but Yao Lao's soul was abducted by the Soul Palace. In order to capture Xiao Yan, the Soul Palace secretly borrowed the hand of Xiao Yixian and ordered the Poison Sect to encircle and suppress Xiao Yan's Yanmeng. Although Xiao Yan, who had just been promoted to Douhuang, successfully resolved the crisis, he was also infected with the magic poison. In order to cure the poison and save Yao Lao, Xiao Yan took Xiao Yixian and Zi Yan to Zhongzhou, but he didn't know that the fate waiting for them was actually... Story: The story begins with 12-year-old Xiao Yan, a talented young man. He became the most powerful and well-liked member of their sect. After a while, he started to lose strength every day and his cultivation power stopped growing. His father was concerned about his farming. Despite his hard labor, his income does not improve. He was also betrothed to Nala Yun, a member of the Mistry Cloud sect. He went to his group and promised to pay him back if, after three, he lost her in combat. He turned into his slave. After agreeing to this, Xiao Yan meets a soul that resides in his mother's ring. He lost all of his cultivating strength to that soul. Soul said to him, "I'm here to help." to improve your power. He prevailed in the match after three years, but the Mistry Cloud Sect abducted his father. After fighting the Mistry Cloud Sect, Xiao Yan fled and hid himself at the academy, unable to use Medusa's assistance or his master power. A few years later, he returned to the Mistry Cloud sect and killed his teacher, but the Hall of Soul abducted Xiao Yan's master in the process. The Hall of Souls is a group that uses its power to gather souls. His lord gave Xiao Yan his flame and told him to work hard to gain power. You release me when you get power. Then, Xiao Yan put forth a lot of effort to rise to the top. You can carry on with this during these seasons. Will Xiao Yan be able to regain his master? or not  

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