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    Swallowed Star

    One day, an unknown RR virus appeared on the earth, dragging the world into disaster. Infected animals mutated into terrible monsters and invaded in large numbers. When facing destruction, humans built a wall and established the base city as the last bastion of mankind. The sufferings experienced by humans during this period are called the "Great Nirvana Period". In the extreme living environment, human physical fitness is gradually improving and developing, the spirit of martial arts is rising, and human physical fitness has made a qualitative leap compared with the past. And the best among them are called "warriors". The 18-year-old Luo Feng also dreams of becoming one of them. At this time, he is about to take the college entrance examination and is facing a choice at the crossroads of life, but unexpectedly, an attack by a monster affects his life trajectory. Under the threat of powerful monsters, residents in the city are in danger, but the military is helpless. Only one warrior stepped forward to defend the safety of the base city. Luo Feng was infected by the power of the warriors and secretly made up his mind to become a warrior to protect his loved ones. This is the beginning of everything. The starting point of Luo Feng's warrior road also kicked off his legendary life. Luo Feng is determined to become a warrior, but the road ahead is not smooth. The first thing he has to face is the invisible influence of the external environment on him. Luo Feng's family conditions are poor and his life is tight. His parents can't give him more help, so he can only rely on his own efforts. In the end, under constant hardship, Luo Feng continued to explore his potential, and gained recognition for his ability improvement and self-worth. Not only that, Luo Feng not only took up the burden of supporting his family, but also joined forces with other righteous warriors to fight against the vicious monsters in order to protect the human homeland and for the better survival and development of mankind. In the desperate situation of doomsday, can Luo Feng and other warriors repel the monsters and successfully protect the human world?

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