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Battle Through the Heavens Season 5
#1 Spotlight
Battle Through the Heavens Season 5
Introduction: Battle Through the Heavens is one of China's most popular anime series. Xiao Yan swept through the Yunlan Sect and successfully avenged himself, but Yao Lao's soul was abducted by the Soul Palace. In order to capture Xiao Yan, the Soul Palace secretly borrowed the hand of Xiao Yixian and ordered the Poison Sect to encircle and suppress Xiao Yan's Yanmeng. Although Xiao Yan, who had just been promoted to Douhuang, successfully resolved the crisis, he was also infected with the magic poison. In order to cure the poison and save Yao Lao, Xiao Yan took Xiao Yixian and Zi Yan to Zhongzhou, but he didn't know that the fate waiting for them was actually... Story: The story begins with 12-year-old Xiao Yan, a talented young man. He became the most powerful and well-liked member of their sect. After a while, he started to lose strength every day and his cultivation power stopped growing. His father was concerned about his farming. Despite his hard labor, his income does not improve. He was also betrothed to Nala Yun, a member of the Mistry Cloud sect. He went to his group and promised to pay him back if, after three, he lost her in combat. He turned into his slave. After agreeing to this, Xiao Yan meets a soul that resides in his mother's ring. He lost all of his cultivating strength to that soul. Soul said to him, "I'm here to help." to improve your power. He prevailed in the match after three years, but the Mistry Cloud Sect abducted his father. After fighting the Mistry Cloud Sect, Xiao Yan fled and hid himself at the academy, unable to use Medusa's assistance or his master power. A few years later, he returned to the Mistry Cloud sect and killed his teacher, but the Hall of Soul abducted Xiao Yan's master in the process. The Hall of Souls is a group that uses its power to gather souls. His lord gave Xiao Yan his flame and told him to work hard to gain power. You release me when you get power. Then, Xiao Yan put forth a lot of effort to rise to the top. You can carry on with this during these seasons. Will Xiao Yan be able to regain his master? or not  
#2 Spotlight
A Record Of Mortal’s Journey to Immortality
A Record of a Mortal's Journey to Immortality is the animation adaptation of the eponymous novel. Han Li was born a poor and ordinary young man. To seek enlightment and become a mortal human being, he is apprenticed to a master travels in a small school. Despite of his humble beginning, Han Li strives hard and eventually becomes a moral who travels across the realms of human, soul and immortal to gain master power and seek the ultimate truth.
#3 Spotlight
Soul Land 2: The Peerless Tang Sect
“Soul Land 2: The Peerless Tang Clan” (also known as “Douluo Dalu II: Jueshi Tangmen”) is a continuation of the “Soul Land” series written by Tang Jia San Shao. The story is set in a world without magic, Dou-Qi, or martial arts, but with essence spirits. It takes place ten thousand years after the events of the first “Soul Land” series, where the Tang Sect has declined to the verge of extinction.The main plot follows Huo Yuhao, a young boy who inherits the legacy of the Tang Clan and the Skydream Ice Worm, a million-year-old soul beast. Huo Yuhao escapes from the abusive Duke’s Manor, meets Tang Ya and Bei Bei, members of the Tang Clan, and enters the Shrek Academy, the best school for soul masters. Along the way, he encounters various soul beasts, soul guides, and hidden weapons, and learns about the history and secrets of the Douluo Continent.The series also introduces a new generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters, who aim to revive the Tang Sect and bring it back to its former glory. The story is filled with adventure, action, and the quest for greatness in a world where magic and machinery coexist. In the realm "Soul Land 2: The Peerless Tang Clan" emerges as a captivating narrative that continues the legacy of its predecessor, "Soul Land," also known as "Douluo Dalu." This sequel, set ten thousand years after the events of the original series, invites viewers into a world where martial spirits reign supreme, and the once-mighty Tang Clan faces the brink of extinction. One of the most intriguing aspects of "Soul Land 2" is its exploration of themes such as legacy, destiny, and the pursuit of greatness. The Tang Clan, once unrivaled, now relies on the new generation to rediscover the secrets of the past and forge a path to a brighter future. This journey is not just about reclaiming lost honor but also about personal growth and the realization of one's potential. In conclusion, "Soul Land 2: The Peerless Tang Clan" is not just an anime; it's a cultural phenomenon that captures the essence of a world where the spirit is the ultimate key to power. It's a narrative that weaves together the threads of tradition and innovation, leaving a lasting impact on its audience and the genre as a whole.
#4 Spotlight
Jade Dynasty
The second season of Zhu Xian.
#5 Spotlight
Perfect World
Born into a unique world where villages fight to gain power and control, the main character, Shi Hao, is a genius blessed by the heavens born under the poorest of conditions. His clan, however, has a mysterious past. To rise up and become the genius he is meant to be, the clan goes through every effort to aid his cultivation as they battle through fanatical monsters and engage in power struggles with other clans. His journey will bring him through unknown lands until he is able to become a person that can truly shake the world. (Source: Novels Xianxia&Xuanhuan Wiki)
#6 Spotlight
Luo Zheng, who is now a menial slave, used to be a young master of a big family. Owing to the decline of his family, his sister is imprisoned by a strong force, and he has no choice but to be at others' service. However, every cloud has a silver lining. The ancient book left by his father actually conceals a magical spell that can change a human into an instrument! What is the mysterious power behind this? This is contest with fate. (Source: Webcomics, edited)
#7 Spotlight
Peerless Martial Spirit
“Peerless Martial Spirit” (绝世武魂) is a Chinese fantasy donghua that has garnered a significant following due to its engaging storyline and captivating characters. The donghua is set in the continent of Longmai, where thousands of clans stand tall, countless sects exist, and cultivation is the way of life. The strong can do anything they want, while the weak live like ants. This setting provides a rich backdrop for the story, filled with martial arts, mystical powers, and epic battles.The protagonist of “Peerless Martial Spirit” is Chen Feng, a young disciple of the Qian Yuan Sect. Despite his potential, Chen Feng faces numerous challenges due to his incomplete dan region, which hinders his ability to cultivate. This physical limitation subjects him to ridicule and scorn from his peers. However, Chen Feng’s life takes a dramatic turn when he obtains a mysterious dragon bloodline. This newfound power allows him to break through his limitations and embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth.Chen Feng’s journey is marked by his encounters with various characters, each with their own unique abilities and motivations. One of the central themes of the donghua is the concept of cultivation, a common element in Chinese fantasy stories. Cultivation involves rigorous training and the harnessing of mystical energies to achieve greater power and enlightenment. As Chen Feng progresses in his cultivation, he faces numerous adversaries and challenges that test his resolve and determination.The donghua also delves into the complex relationships between characters. Chen Feng’s interactions with his allies and enemies are filled with tension and intrigue. His rivalry with other disciples, as well as his relationships with mentors and friends, add depth to the narrative. These dynamics are further enriched by the presence of various sects and clans, each with their own agendas and power struggles.One of the standout features of “Peerless Martial Spirit” is its high-quality animation and visual effects. The fight scenes are particularly noteworthy, showcasing the characters’ martial arts skills and the power of their cultivation techniques. The use of vibrant colors and detailed backgrounds enhances the overall viewing experience, making it a visually stunning donghua.Overall, “Peerless Martial Spirit” is a compelling Chinese fantasy anime that combines a rich storyline, well-developed characters, and breathtaking animation. It offers a unique blend of martial arts, mystical powers, and intricate relationships, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre. Whether you are new to Chinese fantasy donghua or a long-time fan, this series is sure to leave a lasting impression.
#8 Spotlight
Dragon Prince Yuan
Dive into a world of chaos and cultivation in "Dragon Prince Yuan," where a young man wielding a brush ignites the heavens with his presence. In a realm where cultivators reign supreme, the ultimate question looms large: will the vermilion bird swallow the dragon, or will the dragon ascend to unparalleled heights? Follow the journey of our protagonist as he navigates the treacherous paths of cultivation, facing formidable foes and uncovering ancient secrets along the way. With each stroke of his brush, he defies fate and forges his own destiny, determined to rise above the chaos and claim his rightful place among the celestial beings.
#9 Spotlight
Throne of Seal
Revealing himself to be a Dual Knight, Long Hao Chen triumphs in his match within his temple and advances to the finals. But before the grand finals can begin, ranking matches are conducted in each temple to determine the strongest within. During the rankings, Hao Chen is injured, enraging Sheng Cai'er and driving her to seek vengeance for what happened to him. Her actions cause a fight between the Knight Temple and Assassin Temple, only to be subdued after a shocking revelation—that Sheng Cai'er is a Reincarnated Saint. The finals for the Demon Hunting Team Competition begin with the division of the sixty remaining participants into six groups. The top sixteen participants are then further pitted against each other to determine the top three. Each of the top three will be rewarded with a spiritual stove and the right to pick their teammates. In order to become a knight that is capable of defeating the Demon Lord, Long Hao Chen must strive to be first in this competition so he can select the best teammates to give him a fighting chance. [Written by MAL Rewrite]
#10 Spotlight
Shrouding The Heavens
In the far reaches of the dark and frozen universe, nine enormous dragon corpses were tied with an ancient bronze coffin. It seems that they were set there since the birth of the universe. Such an astonishing scene was captured by a space probe floating in outer space. Nine dragons and the mysterious bronze coffin made people wonder whether they came back to ancient times or just reached the other shore of the universe. A giant mythical world was unfolded, where immortality gradually appeared and paranormal events continuously occurred. Countless people started to find their own tracks (The Dao) in such a mythical realm. Their passion was like a turbulent ocean wave that would never cease. The heat in their blood was like erupting volcanoes. Their desire for power and immortality dragged them down to the chasm without knowing it. Thirty-three classmates held a reunion after graduating. Their friendship was tested, as the bronze coffin took them away from earth and arrived on another unknown planet. The desire for living forced them to follow the path of the ancient gods. Entering a new world of cultivation, will any of them reach immortality, or will they all die along the way?

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